The Deduction of First Principles

“I mean by the first principles in every genus those elements whose existence cannot be proved.”
Aristotle, Posterior Analytics

Is reason not under siege then? The theoretical foundation of the Classics, the empiric inquiries of the Islamic world, the practical discoveries of the Renaissance, the progress of Enlightenment, the professionalization of the sciences during the Industrial Revolution, the information explosion of the Computer Age, are they not constantly battling the irrational frenzies of faith? And are they not the sole merit of reason only? What principle of faith has led us forward out of darkness that surrounds us still?

The deduction from the first principles that find proof in demonstration, this is what we call Science, the method of the logos of reason that holds the truths of modernity. Is there a single claim by religion that is essentially religious that can be proven similarly? Well then! And only those who believe in the reason of science, know what truth truly is, for if truth has no reality it does not exist.

Religion itself is the natural pendent of reason, which governs the progress of civilization, because reason is the mechanism of rational science. There are those that occupy themselves with science, sure, but worship at the same time in the tabernacle of fools, where they kneel before archaic mantras and wooden statues on their holy day, and so offer proof to the denial of reason. But these men are monkeys that perform the tricks of science that they were taught in circuses of our schools, these institutions that are unconscious about the essence of truth because they themselves are managed by trained apes who know nothing of knowledge about the principal division between ratio and faith. This division is the first of first principles because no thing without demonstrable existence has been proven to exist.

The freedom of reason exists as proof in your denial of the truth of faith. Those who adhere to faith have but one belief, to kill this reason and to restrain our freedom to adhere to it. To deny faith is a proof of reason as truth, and let me add that no honor was achieved by man so honorable than to adhere to truth. So, we face these myriad-headed devils of a reason-less faith that only finds proof in a long gone past and who displays metaphors as shadows of their reality that no one can demonstrate. These soldiers of the credo of faith have taken up arms as equal weapons as our truth to defend their theology. But there is no courage in battle so strong as to defend truth against falsity, as to continuously deny their divine faith ad infinitum.

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