Pièce de Résistance

are animals
that know
we know
beasts that mumble
rumbling ants
crumbling on the skirt of the universal
matter of volatile imbalance,
reluctant, resist to movement
no matter
our stumbling lines of sense
sentences of
falsity in confusion
that is repressed into this subconscious,
formulated truths of a shallow puddle
so multi layered
we fail to see
simply direction in timeless space
there we exist, pass, last, decay
in a slow gesture of weak intellect,
thoughts like air bubbling to the surface,
suffocating words that grasp
for a breath of consciousness
so we roll our rock like Sisyphus uphill
reach to quell our thirst like Tantalus
fly like Icarus to the sun
in which we are spots
for a sparkle of enlightenment
uplift ourselves
from the muddy traces on this dirt road of life
we live this senseless time
and fill this emptiness
with half a heart
attribute meaning to its hollow caves
appearing as flickering shadows
reflecting the essential nothingness
that hoovers still

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