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A Daffodil in Spring

my fingertops wet
deeper and deeper
pressed into the moist
bend over
the grassy edge
I stare and
penetrate her glance
from her to eternity
this beauty has no ending
and ah start to cry
by endless depth I am entrapped
oh proud and unfeeling love
love, so knowinglessly
as infinite death
the sword of Ameinias
I wish it lay still in my hands
like the stranglehold of Nemesis
once a choking embrace
from which kisses flowed down
now runs like a river
of tears down her face
the pain in her squinted eyes
behold me
by a dream
this reflection in my eyes
the twinkling desire
like the dagger’s tip
stuck deep into the heart
of a daffodil
in spring
go! go-o-o
to turn it at myself