Half the Man

I am a man. Now, take for example … say color. Since our dna only has three different opsis genes – green, red and blue – of which green and red are on the X chromosome, our comprehension of color is restricted to the wavelengths of these colors of light. You’re with me? But nature provides for the perception of a much wider range of colors, naturally, you knew this, and would it not be but a fairly simple procedure to code our genome to include a gene for … i don’t know, say infrared perhaps? And what would be so immoral about it? What would be immoral about decoding our own genome? Coding the genome of our child like a puzzle. Nature mutates our genetic code constantly and consistantly, and what’s worse, by mistake! How moral is that? And seen in that light, it would be immoral, no! inhumane! not true to the nature of kindness to intervene. Once you know, it is hard to forget. Only if you never knew, never had the faintest idea, can you talk about the immorality of genetic manipulation. Going against the laws of nature? NOT to mutate our own genes, would be against the laws of nature, don’t you see? We have an obligation to progress! And would it not be moral to better our selves when there is the opportunity? Don’t you owe it to your children?

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