Eugenides, Great Experiment (2008)

A short story by Eugenides in the New Yorker called Great Experiment, March 31, 2008. Eugenides wrote his second novel Middlesex, which won the Pullitzer Prize in 2002. Great Experiment starts horrendously with a mater of fact description of Kendall, who complains in common phrases about his job, introducing Piasecki with a dialog about contemporary politics, and thereby the literary tone of the story is immediately, imminently adulterated, raped, ruined. The second half of the short story elevates the story a little bit off the ground, but the story is of such mediocre quality that I am shocked to see it published in the New Yorker. I was about to pick up Middlesex, was demoralized for a few moments, but have regained some discipline and self-induced motivation to give the book a try, hoping it will be much better than a rushed short story.

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