The False Consciousness of American Sociology

The knowledge of sociology is a branch of sociology with roots in Max Scheler and Karl Mannheim. In essence it studies and formulates the relationship between human knowledge and its social context. For anyone with a lack of Marxist training, this school of sociology is very flattering and tempting because it postulates in its core the independence of human thinking, and it is easy to see for anyone the temptation of the knowledge of sociology for American academics.

Americans grow up in a system of thought that has erased any trace of Marxist thinking. In a educational system that is dominated and controlled by, serving the interests of the capitalist stratum of society it is absolutely pas fault to be a Marxist. The sporadic surges in the American labor movement of the early 20th century and the 1970s, has de facto been rooted out effectively by the religious and patriottic ideologies of the ruling elites. The predominant ideology in society has become unchallenged and forms a core set of believes that centers around the freedom of the individual’s will.

Not surprisingly the sociology of knowledge finds many enthusiastic believers in America, who refute the original thought of Marxism. But their dissection of the super structure of consciousness fails to deal satisfactory with the existence of class interests and technological structures. This idealism of the post-Marx school is nothing more or less than a solution of original Marxism with bourgeois thinking and capitalist interests. And thus, the sociology of knowledge is poison to the interest of the working class, and is the first layer of defense of capitalism in the form of a bourgeois proxy. It is the middle-class who have sold out to the capitalist class, defending capitalist interests in return for a crumb of the accumulated wealth of the ruling class and a voice in its structure of power.

The snake of capitalism that misleads the American labor class is the middle class and its tongue speaks in terms of the sociology of knowledge. Sociology after Marx started already with Max Weber to dilute original Marxism, and has since formed an impressive and effective school of defense of its capitalist interests and capitalism has found its most fervorous Judas in the middle class.

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