If you don’t love me

“If you don’t love me, it is better that you hate me,” Arnon rebuffed.
“Don’t you care about what people think of you?”
“Of course, I do, I would prefer them to love me, follow me like docile sheep and perform my wishes. But if I am not worth all, I am worth nothing. I am not interested to compromise myself for a little bit of love.”

“Have you ever loved?”
“I have loved, I love and I tried to love at length.”
“Than are you saturated to care so little?”
“Insatiable rather, drops of water don’t matter in an empty ocean.”

“You see happiness is a pitiable state.”
“But more so is sorrow.”
“No, no, there is happiness in sorrow,” Arnon smiled contently, thinking of such bitter joy.
“Maybe you did not try enough.”
“It seems now I failed.”

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