The Mischievous Misleader of Friendship and Family

I am not a mystical character, one needs not much courage to even claim I am quite the opposite. So, it is no surprise, that happiness cannot easily mislead me, not for the rare and short moments that we are fully conscious of it, not for the long constant periods where the strongest proof of our happiness expresses itself as oblivious numbness of the mind. This dullness is what most people strive for in life, it is what they sacrifice their moments of high achievements for, it is whey they conglomerate into social clumps of family and friendship. This mischievous misleader is not subject to great inquiry in general, yet most people depend on it greatly and many laws are based upon it.

So, if we all depend so greatly on family and friends, is it really to be trusted? Personally, I have no high hopes as with regards to the trustworthiness of friendship or family. At least with marriage, we are bound by an underlying legal contract, in which our rights are guaranteed by law, allowing us to sue the the opposite contractee, but with family and friends we completely depend on honor, duty and the character of the partner. Now, this might work with some, but most people are statistically notorious apostates. I know few who have the character and strength to rely on, and I myself struggle often with the daemons that seduce me to betray those whom expect my loyalty. And family we do not choose freely, so we are bound against our will. Now, most people solve this moral dilemma by simply altering and reshaping their wills, at the cost of which come the treacherous desire to break promises, create secrecy and burden themselves with shame.

Many people of our time, like in any time and day, lament about the loss of the sense of community, but being true to fact and reason, I admit this is one of our great leaps forward in evolution.

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