I love America, so why do I hate it so much?

I love America, so why then do I hate it so much? The Foundation of America by means of the Declaration of Independence in 1776 was one of the most important events in the history of Modernism, an important step upward in the development of civilization, of human progress. Knowing America from first hand, you will still find the ideals of Freedom all around you in the US like no other country in the world, largely because Americans and the many immigrants from all over the world who move to the US find something of themselves in America, and something of America within themselves, like me, bring a sense of freedom, of personal ambitions and dreams, that together form the larger good of the American Dream. But there is a rim of evil that has settled itself around this space of American Freedom, it is a rim of radical patriottism unifying (read dissolving) individual citizens under one nation, a mist of self-righteousness, a darkness of religious zeal, that is re-shaping the composite formation of the American Dream into a homogenous Myth that is owned by a theocracy of religious federalists that send their armies into the world to conquer and submit all free thinking Americans in the world to the government of their God.

This symbolic birth of Freedom was signed by the leading men of the time during the American Revolution. So who were these Founding Fathers and what was the America representing they founded? America was founded at the heightpoint of the Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, is it a coincidence that one of the greatest events in the history of modern man took place in an Age of Reason? Well, the greatness of America is setting like the Sun that brought light into the darkness of the world, and instead come the Huns, the hurdles of Religion and they remove the light from our eyes, and they bring down the greatness of America. The Madrasahs of America’s evangelism are fighting a war against the founding principles of America to reform the federal and state governments and judiciary to enforce their moral laws for all and thus declassify the rights of the individual to forcefully conform to their moral laws, going against the moral principles of the Founding Fathers.

The evangelist fascists want to bring the nation under the rule of God. But the word “God” is only mentioned once in the Declaration of Independence, and this one location is not only explicitly placed on equal footing with the Laws of Nature, it is only mentioned second to the Laws of Nature, and then explicitly not simply as “God” but as “Nature’s God.” Now, I find this very telling, especially in a time of Enlightenment. But, as time shows, history is easily forgotten, and people pick the raisins out of the porridge and forget about the porridge. It is this kind of selective ignorance that has plummeted America from greatness to shame, from love to hatred, not only in my heart, but world wide, and this is a heavy stone to role up the hill’s slope again.

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