Fish at Fish

Fish at 280 Bleecker street is a simple but charming fish restaurant, which by the way offers great happy hour prices from 12 to 7 pm with PBR for only $1.50 and tab beers for only $3.00. Their menu ranges from Chilean sea bass, sword fish, red snapper to Chatham cod fish. On the unfinished brown stone walls of the interior hangs a collection of sea resort paraphernalia, like crab traps, direction signs of red painted capitals on a small dry wooden board, spelling the name of a long forgotten or imaginary fish restaurant, pieces of net, and classic beer advertisements, surrounding the dark tables and chairs along the bar and fish display window, where fresh fish is cooled on packs of crushed ice that covers half of the glass sides. On our table a polished set of metal forks and knifes rest on the white cotton napkin along which side runs one azure blue stripe, in the white porcelain shine and the crystal reflection of my beerglass flickers the white wax candle. I ordered Spinney Greek steamers, steamed in PBR and jalepenos for starters and grilled Chilean sea bass. The meals are good in their simplicity and you should stick to the sea menu, but it is a good place for a discussion over dinner with affordable drinks in an authentic atmosphere.328

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