To think big or to think small

I am a thinker, sure, we all are, and admittedly, one may think a little harder than the other, or that is to say, experience a stronger sense of obstruction, of frustration, as it is not in their nature to deal with the kind of thoughts that they occupy themselves with, overstretching their thinking capacity, but still, we may admit, they think a little harder than us. And we all feel more or less capable in different environments to think, but still I too am a thinker.

Now sometimes, I feel my thoughts are taking off, as if they have wings and the wind gets underneath them. Allright, we may say I am inspired, but still, my thoughts start rambling, but in a senseful fashion. These are always big thoughts, thoughts with a great level of abstraction and breadth. At other times, my thoughts sink fastly in a pitless space, because my mind finds no grip on small ideas, petite representations, on thoughts of great detail.

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