The weakness of character as speerhead

The weakest features of a person’s character are those which are compensated for with the fierest zealousness. If it is in public transport, at the cashier of the grocery store, a best friend, a spouse, a colleague, people’s flaws in character are the directing force for people’s behavior.

Those who are fearful will point at others to shift blame, those who lack money will fight over small change, and those who lack charisma seek to dominate by force of rule.

Those who lack generosity are selfish and grumpy, those who are not steadfast are eager to rush and push another aside, those who are easily drop clasp on convulsively.

The lonely manipulate and lie, the superior lack vision beyond themselves and beyond their time, those who seek wealth miss soul, those who despise are incapable.

Those who lack humanity hide the truth from others, they believe willingly to hold the reigns of the chariot that drives them along the sun’s path, but they are driving toward the sunset of a past day. A greater path than the tracks before them they do not discover.

I have seen many of mankind who could not bear the sight of their deepest revelations, and so refused to humble themselves, I have seen many who sought control in petty occupation and considered others to be inessential.

The mind and heart are wonderfully protective of oneself, I have seen few that were strong enough to humble themselves, I have seen few that were capable of a tacit anonimity, of bear the burden of their greatness, I have seen many who carried little weight mistaken for heavy substance.

The weak are eager to convey themselves as strong, and the self is willing to believe a comforting truth.

Because weakest is the eye that looks at ourselves.

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