The streets of little Turkey (4)

In the morning, the wind blew a fresh breeze through the house. As soon as they woke up, Nuray would first open the bedroom window, then wake up their children Roberto and Azize. Berk would be up a little later, swiftly putting on his favorite jeans. He then walked up to the front room, shifted aside the lace curtain and looked up to check the morning wheather. An elonged yawn passed into an undecipherable growl, Berk turned the key two turns clock wise, and opened the door. A draft pulled through the house, refreshing the night odour that had accumulated. This morning again, you could clearly notice the smell of hop from the Kindl brewery. Although, they never drank beer, she loved the smell of hop, in a way it reminded her of the barns in her hometown, that were filled with grain, despite the slight rottenness there seems to be mixed in such smell.

Nuray sauntered through the entrance gate to the old kitchen chair in front of the house. The size of her stomach now made it really difficult for her to walk, but she enjoyed sitting in front of the house, watching her little children play. She was almost 8 months pregnant now with their third child. More than anything, she wished for a little girl now, although she didn’t say this outloud. Berk hoped for another boy, who could work and support the family, but she needed a little friend in the house. Besides, she was getting older and needed some help in the household. Sometimes, she prayed to God for a little girl, but then she felt guilty, asking God to grant her prayers, shouldn’t she put her trust in God instead! Still, if God was willing, she said to herself, he will give me a little girl.

She drank for her coffee and put the little plastic cup next to her on the little wooden table. It was a little unstable but it was a perfect table for outside. Berk was a master in finding and repairing used furniture and equipment. Yesterday, he had come home with an old children’s bike for Roberto. He had been working on it all evening, but by the time they were ready for bed, Berk got up from his knees, and had a brand new bike. It was a girl’s bike, you could tell, the frame was white, the steering wheel and the weels’ rims pink, but it was free and would be great for Roberto to learn to bicycle. And the kitchen chairs they used outside, he found at the side of the street, threw them in his bike’s trailer,a and they had been using them ever since for more than two years now.

Little Azize came running up to her, he waved his little hands like the cartoon action heroes on TV. Nuray smiled, he was such a sweet boy. Azize kicked his left foot up against the wall and smiled at his mother. Roberto cycled by on his new bike, a little unstable still, but he was already pretty good at it. He jolted down the pavement, Nuray followed him watchfully. She was happy and had a third child on the way. As his mother watched Roberto roll by, Azize grabbed the little plastic cup and with a spry move emptied the cup on the cobbles. He hurried to place the cup back on the table, saw that his mother didn’t notice his monkey trick and giggled of imagining his mother sipping from the empty cup.

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