I write epic surreal poetry. Currently I am working on a series of shorts entitled ‘Faces’, a new short story entitled ‘The Angel of Bethesda’ about the irrational, and psychological impressions of New York in ‘Here is New York’.

Recent Writing:
– The Girl in the Window (© 2012), Submitted. (word count: ~7500).
– The Dance of the Zodiac [.pdf] (© 2011), short fiction (word count: 2978).

Early Writing:
– The Moralistic Psychiatrist [html] (© 2010), short fiction (word count: 2842).
– The Rising of the Dough [.pdf], a story about daily tensions between immigrants and indigenous in Amsterdam (2005).
– A Short Story about Andrzej and Roman [.pdf], a story about the struggle between past and future in a new Poland (2003).

Remko Caprio, Ja tegen Turkije, Vier argumenten (2004), De Groene Amsterdammer, #40/2004, 01-10-2004.

– Notes from New Netherland (2012-present), Sargasso.nl.

Bericht uit Nieuw Nederland (2003-2006), Sargasso.nl.
Jan Amos Comenius: The Way of Light (2004).
Coffee Culture in the US (2003);
Myth and Reality for Immigrants in New York and Amsterdam (2003).

– Kei-Hoi Cheung, Remko de Knikker, Youjun Guo, Guoneng Zhong, Janet Hager, Kevin Y. Yip, Albert K.H. Kwan, Peter Li, and David W. Cheung, Biosphere: The Interoperation of Web Services in Microarray Cluster Analysis. Applied Bioinformatics, vol. 3, no. 4, pp. 253-256, (2004).
Remko de Knikker, Youjun Guo, Jin-long Li, Albert K. H. Kwan, Kevin Y. Yip, David W. Cheung and Kei-Hoi Cheung, A Web Services Choreography Scenario for Interoperating Bioinformatics Applications. BMC Bioinformatics, V5, N25, March 2004.

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