Why Women Drive Men Mad

At the end of the conversation a brief pause fell, so unlike G, and B waited for her to say a few more words. Then G said.
G: I did something really stupid.
B: What do you mean?
G: Never mind, it’s nothing.
B: Oh. But what did you do then?
G: Nothing, just something stupid I shouldn’t have done.
B: Well tell me! First you tell me you did something, but then you’re not telling me what!
G: I am afraid to tell you.
B: Why! We always tell each other everything.
G: Yes, but I am afraid you will be mad at me.
B: No! I won’t be mad, I love you.
G: I know, but I did something stupid.
B: It’s okay, it doesn’t matter, we all do something stupid sometimes. Just tell me.
G: This is different.
B: I promise I won’t be angry.
G: You promise?
B: Yes! It’s okay.
G: Well…
Another pause increased the hesitation in G and the expectation in B.
B: Come on! Now, you just make me worry. What is it? Do you still love me?
G: Yes, of course, I still love you.
B: I love you too.
G: I’ll tell you tomorrow! Okay! I am tired. It’s nothing. Just something stupid that happened.
B: Hm. Okay, I guess.
G: I’ll talk to you tomorrow.
B: Okay, talk to you then.
G: Love you!
B: Love you too.

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