Les Pensees

Ashes to Ashes

the Atlantic is not that romantic
instead, scatter me in the Pacific
a lake?
what is nice about a lake?
well, the fresh cold springs of course
but you will be dead no?
i will be there for the people left behind
it is for them that I die

Thomas Wolfe

He left pages on his desk
while he wandered, paced around his room
until the scene got to him like a mad dog
he would jump to it
and pencil the vision down

after his death
a pile of papers was found on his desk
they published them
it made him instantly famous

He felt a rare fire in his bowls. The paintings by D.H. Lawrence are not very erotic, are they? I mean, not very racy.

cheesy little picky songs

I cut myself a piece of mooncheese.

pushing up the mountain
rolling down the hill

Harlem Renaissance
Langston Hughes should have been the Laureate, cause he has more rhythm, since he is black.

chicken on pizza

don’t give me those toy eyes

I left the vagina in my other pants.

Without being pretentiously stupid, you gotta backup!

Chicken Leg Lady

chicken leg lady on the B46
sucking on my chicken leg, lady
on the B46
your fat black hand,
groping down my pants
deep in the brown paper bag beside you
your thick red sucky lips

chicken leg
chicken leg lady

you’re making a racist song
you’re not supposed to mention
chicken legs or water melon

hey hey we’re not a pretty nation
you’re down and out
down and out
down and out
hey hey we’re a lustful nation
you’re in and out
in and out
in and out

oh for fuck’s sake

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