A Few Words on the Judeo-Christian Tradition

We live in the Information Age, the age of Globalization, and Western civilization is rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition. Of these labels that are stuck onto our time, by far it is that of the Judeo-Christian tradition that I hate most. The idea that Western civilization is rooted in Judeo-Christian principles is a travesty of which we have seen few since Moses led the Jews out of Egypt and since the birth of Christ. But unfortunately, it is a notion that is advocated powerfully by the false prophets that proclaim this so-called Clash of Cultures. These reactionary crypto-nationalists to whome clarity is represented in singular simplicity, and to whom clarity means truth, we find on both sides of the cultural divide, we find them among western nationalists and Islamic radicals, yes, indeed, we find them everywhere!

In the first place this notion is an absurd delusion because it implies a notion that the achievements of Western civilization are subservient to Christian and Jewish religion, in other words that knowledge derives from God, and the truth of the matter is that it is preciely the opposite, that only man is the source of true knowledge. The heightpoints of Western civilization were reached in times when the influence of religion diminished in favor of secular views of the world. It would even be easy to prove, that the level of religious zealousy is reciprocally tied to the level of technological progress and thereby human well-being. An increase in religious conviction leads directly to intolerance, which is the cause for conflict, leading to socio-economic demise.

Secondly, because this secular view of the world saw in the sciences the most potent tool to further the cause of mankind, and the sciences are based on the understanding of the facts and data. And while the Judeo-Christian advocates in our time largely use their interpretation to separate the good of western civilization from the inferiority of non-Western civilization, and especially that of Islam. This again, is not only based on ignorance only, but goes against the facts of history, in which the classic scientific texts, the achievements of astronomy and arithmetics were developed and preserved in the Arab world, until they again were adopted by the booming Tiger Economies of European Renaissance. Given the importance of mathematics I hardly need to make my case that our Age of Information is unthinkable without the role played by the Arab cultures.

Thirdly, because the identity of Western culture is rapidly transforming under the influence of the most exciting cultural revolution that ever took place: Modernization. This process of Modernization is fed by the destruction of social constructions and the advancement of individual freedom that thrives in cultural diversity. To claim that the condition of heterogenity, which is the essential core of modernization, has a root in a homogenous tradition is placing the cart before the horse. Fourthly, these beasts of the Judeo-Christian tradition, these dragons blazoned with their false flags of cultural acquisition, deny the tradition of diversity in Europe, of cross-cultural exchanges through the centuries, and attempt to redraw an image of European civilization as a unified and isolated constant.

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