The person who cannot speak

I be of persons that have rare illness. It strange illness and doctors say me that it do with genes I have. It explains things in my lives that happen to me. And I find it interesting to see it also in things of others. For instance, people think that I be funny, but other people think I am not from America, but this be not true. The person I marry I met at doctor, it works to clean in hospital. Doctors say it be Dyspraxia, but I do not understand fully. Doctors say it be about genders, numbers and tense, but this means little for me. I understand they say body and mind different, because all Sundays my preacher speaks soul and body different, that there be God and be man, and Jesus dies, but not his soul, his soul is everywhere. Now I am person of God, this is sense to me, tense, time, mankind not knowing, and God is all, so doctors I know speak truth, like preacher, this I know. So I believe doctors know gene that knows God, they say FOXP2, but FOXP2 or God, I think it is all. I am not person of words, or person like doctors or preacher, but I know in my heart that God is true, and thinking I know God, and body dies like flesh rots, but the mind is true and always all.

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