Growing Phases of Interest

Now there’s nothing in this, that should suggest that there’s a hierarchy of interest that allowed me reach closer to a absolute truth, if this is what will be the aftertaste that lies on your tong, it’s too bitter of a taste for me to offer you. However, I should not want to exclude the impression that I learned anything from this.

My earliest exceptional interest in life, was that associated with the development of the body. I was an excellent athlete, and I was a devoted and serious soccer player until my sixteenth. This interest, which offered me an excelling outlet of my capacities in life, allowed me to reach a respectable level at the young age I owed at that time. But, as I grew older and physically more mature, my interest in soccer, due to a coincidence of events, was lost, and I became exceptionally interested in philosophy and in its peripheries, literature and psychology. It was with excelling interest that I devoured most classics from Marx, Nietzsche, Freud, Jung, and the literary classics as the local curriculum prescribed them. Once, I established firmly the meaning of life, I turned to my professional skills, and related to it, I developed a deeper interest for science.

These stages of interest, or the growing phases of interest, could be of course a simple coincidence of events that led me to cross certain paths in life, like rolling dice. But what if they represented a physical and neurological immaturity, that I strived to overcome, first that of the body, than that of the meaning of life, i.e. the spiritual immaturity, and finally a social immaturity, compensated for by the establishment of one’s role in society as a contributor. Each of these phases of course, govern us, we do not choose freely, alas, if we only could, would we not choose to lay idle in the sun till winter came. No, our intellectual interest is directed by the deficiencies of our physics and the demands of our environment on this physical constitution. For the child who grows up in an environment that challenges it early on only intellectually, this child will seek early to develop its intellectual capacity, for the child that grows up in a socio-economic class where more value is placed on manual or labor-intense product processes, it will show greater interest in the development of its body.

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