Meaning business

“So let me start by asking YOU, if YOU have any questions for ME, before I elaborate about myself and use up any of your precious time.”

Now the moment someone opens with a line like that, you just KNOW all they intend to do is talk about themselves. I am tapping my fingers already right from the beginning. Do I despise ‘biz dev’? Yes, so? The pedant tone by which they address the most trifle issues, the hautain tenure by which they talk down to you about issues of the broadest type of common sense, so hold one, hold on… I thought technology was going to eliminate the overhead, the need for direction, the development of technology was going to be bottom up! Well, not if it’s up to the average intention of mediocracy. Now, you say, true, true, I agree, I am an anarchist, I absolutely react very badly to authority, to the force of patronizing steering and to feel the bit being torn left and right, when you really want to go into the opposite direction. That’s all fine, so I can take a few minutes of my time, and listen to someone who’s lost in the black box of middle management, I can bear an hour of absence of substance, roaming in a cloud without essence… no, I can barely.

So, no! No! No! Don’t ask that, don’t throw the dog a bone to chew on for another ten minutes, and why are all eyes covered in this docile drewling, staring at the man’s mouth, people! The emperor wears no clothes. Okay, so the question was… ‘What do you think about …?’

So another ten minutes, of who works for who, who works for who, who does what, who does… Can you repeat that? Fluffy terms fall over the man’s mouth, like a waterfall of piss.

“Yes, you are all here, to listen to my crap. And you came here voluntarily, so thereby you recognize yourself, and you sit here like sheep, huddled around the shephard, your ears pointing up like dogs beggars, hungry, hungry for my crap. So you swallow my nonsense, so you must acknowledge that what I am saying must be important.”

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