The better good

To be good might be satisfying, but nothing beats the high of winning, of being better than the other, it really doesn’t matter what it is that you excel in, and often excelling is not a matter of outstanding talent or relentless efforts, but more of discovering your niche game. You could of course try to become the world’s most renowned soccer player of the last twenty five years, or even be the most brutal basketball player in the NBA, or you could set out to be president of the United States and beating every opportunist for the common cause, or you could try and invent a medicine against AIDS/HIV, or become Miss Universe or be the lead guitarist or singer of the latest superstar band, but honestly, that is not a very clever idea. Now, think and do the math for a second, and conclude for yourself, the chance of being a universally unique Chinese man are much and much smaller than being the most admired Greenlander in the next decade, that is at least given that you are or will be a Greenlander.

Of course, some of you will say, many of you will be European no doubt, but it’s not all about winning. Now, that is certainly a noble thought, actually it is an outstandingly noble thought, but unfortunately, I don’t buy it. If there is a reason, a cause, an objective behind all your noble intentions, than let there be no mistake about it, then it is to be the best of gooders. Averagely good, you see, is nothing more than averagely good, and averagely good can hardly to be maintained to constitute any good, if it demands no special effort. Sure it might benefit a third person, someone you even don’t know or a close friend perhaps -although to do good to a close friend is dubious given the reciprocality that is expected consciously or subconsciously-, but by mere coincidence you will be good in this case, because you would agree that only that cause which is achieved intentionally can be counted as good by nature. But when goodness, becomes a norm to be appreciated, something to be valued, to be grateful for, than would this expectation not be all too obvious even for the unintentious gooder? And the only way not to be aware of the expected gratitude would be if it was not intended, and therefore sincerely not foreseen and not intended, but thus stop to fall within the scope of goodness. So, you anti-American Europhiles on whose shoulder the guilt of two world wars rests collectively so heavily that you dare not deny the existence of goodness without blackening your own souls, and you anti-American Islamists, Christians and deists whose purity of goodness free of self-interest has decayed into an incompetence which profits no one, you have concluded, goodness per se is impossible.

Now, let me then take you by the hand and lead you back to your pre-Fin-du-Siecle truth that lies beyond good and evil, the will to win, the power of winning, the most elementary sensation of success by which children gain confidence, women their beauty and men their strength, yes by which condition goodness exists. When you do good, make sure you are best in doing good, when you give to charity, make sure you give the most, and when you volunteer, volunteer more and longer, and be better in your efforts than anybody else, when you adopt a baby, adopt the most destitute of babies, when you love, love for the least of all reason and thus love the most, when you fight a good war pick the hardest of fights to battle, and when you are slapped in the face, turn your other cheek, help not the few but help the most, and most importantly, when your company holds a fund-raiser make sure your team beats all others. Because it is only the best kind of goodness that counts.

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