© 2007 – work in progress
five garage songs

  • loaded with fun lyrics
  • never repent
  • get up, get out
  • no more talking
  • i don’t see you looking good

four acoustic songs

  • you can’t bring me down
  • junky in my head
  • no heart for you no more
  • feeling fine

© 2002 – blockbuster
god save my pleasures mp3
from dusk till dawn mp3
will you be waiting mp3
don’t need your tongue mp3
hasta aqui no mas mp3
dagje naar het strand mp3
braindamage mp3
© 1999 – handfull of maggots
burn mp3
a handfull of maggots mp3
sunk mp3
sultry mp3
confusion mp3
self mp3
below mp3
solitary confinement mp3
ruben’s romantic dinner party mp3
why mp3

sonic youth, ramones, the little killers, jesus lizard, butthole surfers, fatal flowers, claw boys claw, the ex, child abuse, einstuerzende neubauten, birthday party, nick cave and the bad seeds, massaker caspar broetzmann, kk null, black flag, the pixies, suicide, add ‘n’ to x, fugazzi, ween, iggy pop & the stiooges, trio, shellac, reagan youth, fudgetunnel, alice donut, john frusciante, johnny cash, unsane, john spencer blues explosion, blonde redhead, lowercase, slint, new radiant storm king, smog, polvo, bloodbrothers, the makeouts, dan sartain v.s. the serpientes, the experimental popband, atari teenage riot, scraping foetus of the wheel, slipknot, john cage, deus, bonnie prince billy, dinosaur jr., dead kennedies, the cure, manu chau, les negres vertes, nirvana, no means no, marilyn manson, nine inch nails, pere ubu, rapeman, scratch acid, sick of it all, tc matic, zzz, will oldham, the datsuns, the cramps, blockbuster, gonebald, heroine sheiks, tristan perich – one bit music,

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