April 22: international Earth Day, not today?

Today, April 22, Earth Day is celebrated mainly in the US. The day originates in the early 70s as a public demonstration of popular political support for an environmental agenda and was organized for the first time in 1970. The day’s date is somewhat arbitrary but approximates Arbor Day. Equinoctial Earth Day is celebrated in most countries on the day that the sun passes the equator and night has equal length as day. The vernal equinox (or spring equinox) marks the beginning of astronomical spring. It occurs around 20 March in the Northern Hemisphere, and around 23 September in the Southern Hemisphere.

With science taking the role of religion as the leading guide in Truth and the Enlightment of Mankind the celebration of the beginning of Spring has only folkloristic meaning. And with a global environment being under threat of the uncontrolled and gratuitous dumping of industrial waste, today’s Earth Day is of greater importance than the equinoctial celebration. Allow a minute of your time and breathe in some information on the beauty and diversity of the planet at the links below.

World Wildlife Foundation (WWF)
National Audubon Society
The Nature Conservancy
National Arbor Day Foundation
United Nations Environment Program
Earth Day – US Government Portal

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