True Wisdom

I opened the book at the page where I had left off the day before. The book was horrific and I had to force myself to start again in a fruitless attempt to find some value in the writing. I crossed the corner of Amsterdam Avenue and 122nd street as the garbage truck pulled up to pick up a pile of anthracite colored and blue transparent bags. One man jumped off the back of the truck and walked up to me, picked up bags and throwing them in. As I continued reading, it just struck me. I walked up to the man picking up the waste.
‘Can I throw this in with you? This book is the greatest thrash I have read in months.’
‘Oh really? What is it?’ the man asked with an interested glance that surprised me.
‘Uhm, it’s garbage really,’ and I faced the book’s cover page to him.
‘Sophie’s world? Never heard of it, but you mind if I take it?’
‘Well, sure, glad to be rid of it.’
‘I love trash,’ he replied with a felonious smile.

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