The Ends Meet

He had been sitting in front of the window now for already twenty minutes, but the curtains across were still opened. He was shifting his feet back and forth nervously, and pushed the book further to the side. He was too scattered to concentrate on reading.

That afternoon he waited for her at the parking lot of the grocery store. But although she normally always would shop on tuesday afternoons, and he had stood in the cold for almost an hour, he had abandoned the idea. He stood against the fence, his hands in his pockets, pressed against his stomach. His thoughts were running fast, but he tried to cover his excitement.

He noticed another girl he liked and she looked very hot. He followed her from a distance to her car, then continued to the exit. Her car slowly drove out of her lane toward the fence. It was the only car around and as she came closer, he rubbed his hand over his pants. But as she approached he noticed a child sitting in the back, and he in shock he rapidly turned away. He decided to go home and wait for her there. Maybe she had been too busy, something could have come up, and perhaps she had gone home.

He stood up and walked to his computer in the back room. He typed in the url of a search engine, clicked on images. He browsed the first fourty search results, but he was afraid he would miss her, getting distracted by the internet. He was just in trance from seeing the poses girls would take, thinking how horny some girls could be. He had never met girls that you could see on the internet, but he was convinced that girls were simply shy, but once you had affirmed their interest, they would completely loosen up. He was convinced that it excited her to see him and that she fantasized about him, although she might be ashamed to admit it.

He stood up and walked to the window again. Damn, he whispered, a light was already on across the street, the ends of the closed curtain still shook left and right.

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