The Light of Darkness

My greatest sin is to be tempted into certainty and be vain in knowing. Alas, this devil before me, this voluptuous woman and her sweet voice that speaks like dripping honey. I wandered into the world, I was led astray and engaged the falsities and prophesies without distinction. Then, having descend from the mountain and crossed the dark forest, I lived like man among men and women as one of them. I talked and shared their sorrows, comfort I sought in their presence, and joy in their laughter. But this hunger was never satisfied, my stomach never filled.

Then, I moulded the wax from candles and the feathers of the peacock into wings and escaped this dreadful island. Higher and higher, I flew leaving behind the sorrow and joys that pass like my breath in the wind. But how deep is the abyss when one peeks over the edge with curiosity and imagination. I saw the ridged cliffs, the claws of the eagle, the teeth of the lion, this ugly beast of shame. How I followed this deceitful master that promises salvation by sacrifice. I departed my home, I deserted my friends and blood, and yes I found the gold of one’s heart, but committing the greatest sin, to cherish pride as the happiness of man.

Thus, listen to my lamentation. Yes, I repent and cry bitter tears, I regret and crawl shamefully out of the cave of reflection, of misleading knowledge. I learned no enlightment from my sin. I build a castle, defended it with a magnificent shield, set up vigil day and night, but was beaten by the devil inside. Thus, I listen now. It is my punishment to lay down arms, to break down walls, to lay down my clothing and reveal the heart of man to shed its light upon the darkness of my soul.

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