The weather pendulum

The Weather Pendulum
I hear the gentle rolling of cartires, carrying a 1000 kilos of metal and synthetics over the cobbles in the street, mixed in with the soft throbbing of its engine, a lost sound of a faraway object hitting the ground. I react immediately to see if it is raining again. Die Stütze, one of the Berliner streetjournals, writes: all of Berlin is waiting for the summer, me too. So far, it has been quite a challenge to dry one’s clothes. Most of the mornings are beautiful until 9 or 10 o’clock, when a first quick shower hits the window panes. After 10 minutes the sun again is shining. This pattern continues throughout the day, heavy clouds, dark and ominous, passing over, driven by the wind, which drops the temperature immediately from a pleasant 20 degrees to under 16. Que sera, sera. In Amsterdam I trusted that the weather would more or less be close to that of the day before, in New England I had grown accustomed to listening to the weather forecasts again to prevent catching a cold every week, in Berlin I have given up both.

I have put together a new working schedule for the day, since I am most productive in a strict routine. Since this year is most of all a year of personal achievements and continuous spiritual growth, I cannot do without. The next few weeks I will seek a greater isolation from the overwhelming impressions that can so easily be found in this region of Europe at the moment, and work on my personal projects.

The Introvertion of Perception
I must now shift my focus from the evident impressions and visual perceptions to the more abstract layer of language, in which I must seek to understand and master the German thought. This is partly of course simply a grammatical affair, the other half dealing with the semantics of language. The collective history of German thought, its self-consciousness and the cultural connotation, the space in which events and forms are interpreted, I must now explore more consciously than my prior effort to find my way in the material space.
This introvertion of perception, or the process to turn my attention for the German culture inward, has now gained priority. I am saturated with the visual perception of the physical space.

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