Ceska – Hellas

In the evening, we went to watch the Ceska – Hellas game in a local Kneipe. The bar, a darts bar, of which there are plenty in Berlin, is located just down Boddinstrasse. There is always a mixed response to walking into a local Kneipe in Berlin. Although Germans are very open and welcome to strangers, there is always the reluctant acceptance of intruding their space noticable as well. The guests struggle with the dislike for a second, but quickly overcome their hesitation. It won’t take long before someone starts talking to you here. After a few minutes, an older woman, sitting in front of me on a bar stool and watching the game on the screen in the back of the bar, turns around naturely, and expresses her dissatisfaction about the game of the Czechs so far. I go back and forth with her for a minute or two. Then we abruptly without explanation or announciation interrupt our brief conversation again. Such abrupt endings are accepted with the greatest evidence and stand not in the way of as evident of a continuation of one’s conversation. It characterizes the ease by which Germans interact with other people, stranger, acquintance or friend.

The Greeks to everyone’s surprise and some’s dismise, in the final minute of the prolongation score the silvergolden goal and not only kick out the topfavorites Czech Republic, but are on to the final of the European Championship.

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